Module SocietePlus – REST API to receive Leads in your Dolibarr

Module Societe Plus – REST API

What does Societe Plus do?

MoodleSociete Plus Module helps you connect external applications with Dolibarr to receive in it your prospects, leads or the third party you need.

For example, you can WordPress with a form plugin that allows you to use webhooks and send your form contact directly to your Dolibarr.

Or, you can connect via Zapier your Facebook or Instagram account so any contact received from your publications can be received in Dolibarr. Here it is and example of how everything can be connected.

Dolibarr Integration with Societe Plus

What other features does it have?

  • In Societe Plus you can:
    • set which fields are mandatory to be received.
    • set defaults values for your fields in case user registering in the forms do not complete all the information.
      For example, if country is not recieved from within the form you can set Societe Plus to create the Third Party with “US” as default country.

    • set several translations so, despite the content received, you can correctly set the options of the fields when they are registered.
      For example, let say you have 2 forms for “Spa Services”. In one form the services option contains “Spa Services” and the other form contains  just “Spa” in the services options. In Dolibarr you customized an extra field “service_of_interest. Then in Societe Plus translation you can set that everighing saying “spa” in the service_of_intereset field will convert in the code “SPA”.
    • set an e-mail address to recieve a confirmation of the lead, prospect or thrid party just created in your Dolibarr.

  • SOCIETE PLUS API one year updates
  • USD111