Dolibarr – ERP+CRM Deployment

Dolibarr – ERP + CRM

What is Dolibarr?

MoodleDolibarr ERP&CRM is one of the Open Source management systems based on web technology with more acceptance and evolution since its creation in 2002. Dolibarr has reached levels of use and market participation as high as other recognized programs, which makes Dolibarr a competitive, scalable and highly attractive project for its users, with a future of tangible and predictable growth.

What are the functionalities?

  • Initial dashboard to support management


  • Centralized management of user roles and rights


  • Easy to use


  • Products and services management (including stock)


  • Finantial management (provider invoices, sales invoices, payments, banks, amongst others)


  • Commercial management (proposals, purchase orders, tickets)


  • CRM – Third party management (customers, providers, contacts)


  • Highly flexible and fully customizable


  • No licensing costs